You are already 100% worthy & powerful, just as you are, right now

You are an incredible being in a human body.

Yea, YOU.

If fitness (or lack of it) has taken up too much of your brain energy, your emotional space, or your life…

Like, maybe…

✖️ If you're being honest with yourself, you’ve struggled way too long (maybe even your whole life) feeling like something is “wrong” with your body –too big, too small, too x, & you could never get it "right"…

(You might even feel you love yourself, but it's a little more love/hate.)

✖️ You’ve gone to extremes with diets, exercise, "clean eating, " --maybe even binging or restricting-- telling yourself you’ll stop when you get to your goal…

But the goal post keeps moving, & it’s a loop of never enough…

✖️ You constantly hear this nagging voice in the back of your mind saying,

You’re not doing enough for your health,

You’re behind,”

You're not working hard enough

✖️ OR "If I just get to x goal [with your weight/size/distance, activity, diet, etc.], then I'll be happy, then I'll be ok!" so you keep searching for the next diet or workout or health hack that will be the solution, & you're frickin tired.

✖️ You use food &/or exercise (or lack of it) as reward, penance, or punishment (leaving you in this up & down cycle)

✖️ It feels like such a struggle to find balance & consistency with exercise & eating long-term... You might get it for a bit, but then it's hard to maintain.

It’s like you & exercise are frenemies, & your relationship status with food is: “It’s complicated.

✖️Even reading this, you might be thinking, "Woah I'm not that extreme... this is for someone else" but you still feel anything less than “ahhh… I really get it! I am having so much fun!” about the way you look, exercise, or eat (or don't).. & it might just seem normal to you

✖️ You really want to do fitness & be your healthiest self in a positive, sustainable way that you can ENJOY for rest of your life……

If you felt a "yes" to even one of these points...

This is for you, friend...

It's not your fault.

There is nothing wrong with you. 

We live in a culture that has fed us lies around how our bodies should work, how we should look, & what we should be able to do...

Making us believe that we're the problem --not the diets, not the standards, not the workouts-- so we keep trying to fix our bodies.

It's putting money in the pockets of a select few, & hurting the rest of us.

The truth is...

You have nothing to fix, earn, improve, or do to make you any more worthy, desirable, or valuable. 

Your body is wise & good, now.

You are a fiercely powerful human with the ability to create what you want. 

You deserve every good thing, just being, right now.

Too good to be true?

It's not.

What if you could...

✔️ Be the healthiest you’ve ever been, inside AND out, in an ENJOYABLE way?

✔️ Have your best energy yet, to live the life YOU want?

✔️ Experience deep peace with food –free from guilt & obsession or confusion & lack?  

Like you feel the same about a donut as you do about a salad. 

✔️ Move your body consistently with empowerment, confidence, & JOY, so you feel your best?

You train like a master, in a balanced, sustainable, & effective way.

✔️ Walk into a room confidently with your head held high, engaged with others, without an ounce of worry about how you look?

You own your bright self –all of you– from the inside out, & feel better about your body than you ever have before.

& all of this...

…without exerting willpower, working harder, doing MORE MORE MORE…

But actually through allowing natural ease, letting go, & doing less?

Starting with just you & you.

No strict workout program, no diet, no meal plan, no gym, no fancy kitchen equipment... 

What if...

The only way to your peak health was through connecting with yourself, first?

& from there, creating the fitness routine & life YOU really want through super simple practices?

All so you become your happiest, healthiest self? 

This is...

The 4H Method is unlike any other health, fitness, or wellness program you’ve ever heard of or done before...

Based on science, spirituality, a supportive structure, & simple strategies...

giving you the results you've wanted this entire time.

How it works:

The 4H Method brings you home into your body, 

& supports you in creating your own hero journey through your health…

We start with HOPE: 

You are 100% worthy & powerful, just as you are, right now.

You practice this truth through one of our most primal & basic yet desperately neglected needs, so you can tune into your deepest self...

You tap into the richness of rest, as a pathway to meet your unwavering worth & unlock your infinite power.

Then we add HABITS:

If you want to transform your life, you don’t stop with beautiful ideas. You take those truths & practice them consistently over time, which gives you the results you want. 

This is why we practice habits. 

Certain habits bring about better results:  the 4H Method gives you the most important habits for your health, & creates a framework for you to grow in. 

We first get into exercise & eating in a way you never have before, making your own body the authority, & shifting your relationship with movement & food into freedom & joy.

This compounds into HAPPINESS:

We continue simple habits that take your WHOLE self & life into account, sustainable ones you can keep for the rest of your life...

Daily, weekly, & monthly practices that nourish your health like a gushing waterfall on dry, parched land.

Through this stage, you’ll have clarity on your own needs, consistently make positive choices for yourself, & feel confident in your fitness. 

Which results in true HEALTH:

You create your healthy hero journey, starting with hope, & continuing with habits, compounding happiness... 

We use science, spirituality, & simple strategies to support your continual growth & discovery into living the life you want THROUGH fitness, not despite it.

In this stage, you’ll get a plethora of empowering knowledge & strategies on mindset, exercise, nutrition, & lifestyle. 

You’ll also get an entire, conclusive, ever-growing library of workout programs you can do anywhere, anytime, for all levels & needs.

We start with the fundamental basics you need to master before going on to more advanced training.

All this so...

✅ You are free from society’s standards for your body, & free from your own internal critic. 

✅ You feel empowered in your body & health, knowing not just the what of fitness, but also the why, & how for YOU

✅ You have the energy to do what you want, when, where, & with whom you want. 

All along the way, you’ll get expert personal coaching & group support via messages, calls, & resources. 

This is The 4H Method:


from a hero:

"4H is a wildly different and much needed breath of fresh air in a world where the loudest voices are too often “shoulds” - I SHOULD run X miles to burn off that donut I ate. I SHOULD start exercising now so I can look stronger/smaller/better by summer. I SHOULD have a certain weight, or shape, or regimen, or rules, and if I don’t, I am somehow worth less.

With her unique background in fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and holistic human health, Coach Michelle creates a revolutionary journey (spoiler alert, you are the “hero” of that journey, which is pretty epic!). Heroes not only build consistent habits with her guidance, but are empowered to transform their relationship with themselves and their own inherent worth.

A few weeks into 4H, I already notice changes in the way I approach food, workouts, and self-awareness. Michelle’s approach allows space for reflection and compassion, going much deeper than traditional fitness coaching and challenging me to practice my journey from a place of already-abundance."

What you get:

✔️ Your own home online to learn, practice, & connect with me & other heroes (away from social media & distraction from ads or external parties)

✔️ Simple daily, weekly, & monthly habits that will exponentially transform your health practice

✔️ Professional tools & trackers to make fitness easier & more fun, with personal data for feedback, all in one place

✔️ Over 50 video in-depth discovery lessons & accompanying “dig deeper” docs that culminate into a year+ long course on mindset, exercise, nutrition, & lifestyle to create your own healthy hero journey

✔️ A library of progressive, balanced, & smart workouts for all levels & goals, that you can do ANYWHERE, anytime

✔️ Access to new materials & offers for the program while you are a hero

✔️ Regular group calls for connection & support

✔️ Additional options for 1:1 coaching with me, as you need

The 4h Method is more than a fitness program.

It's a structure, a support, to channel all of your rich worth & power into creating the healthy life you really want.

Finally come home to your body...

Meet & be dazzled by your unfailing worthiness, & your infinite power…

Trust & work WITH your body, no more against it, no longer being “your own worst enemy”…

Rest, & play, & create from your inherent wholeness –not a sense of constantly reaching for more...

Feel more comfortable, confident, & safe in your body...

By coming home, to your body. 

Your body, your home. 

Become the expert of your own body & health.

& from your home… 

Create the life you want WITH fitness, not despite it…

Using fitness to enhance & enjoy the life you TRULY desire, not because you have to, but just because it’s fun

Rather than fitness taking over your life, nagging you to do more, or reminding you with guilt that you’re not doing enough, or stinging you with “something is wrong with me.”

You get to write your OWN hero narrative, one that’s uniquely yours, using fitness & health as tools to empower you & equip you on your most epic, glorious story…


Discover how to empower yourself with exercise, & feel like a mighty, wise, unstoppable force in your training…

…without needing a group or trainer to tell you what to do...

...without needing to run x miles or workout x minutes in order to feel like it's enough.

Move with confidence & joy, trusting your body & treating it with care...

& getting the knowledge & education in order to make smart choices in your training, for your present & future selves.

Discover how to feel at peace & feel freedom with all foods, & how to eat in a way that fuels the life you want to live…

…without needing a diet or meal plan to tell you how to eat...

...without needing rules or numbers, but learning to trust your body.

Eat free from guilt, worry, restriction, or recklessness...

Discover the scientific principles & knowledge of nutrition to give you energy to do all the things you love, with the people you love...

Discover how to make fitness work FOR you --your goals, your desires, your values...


Your health, your hero journey. 

from a hero:

"I want everyone to hear about 4H. I think it’s so so so valuable, and it’s been really helpful for me, even in ways I didn’t anticipate (like supporting me through realizing that I hold a lot of unneeded expectations around movement)...

The phases of 4H have been really clear so far, and I really like the videos/supporting documents interspersed in my schedule. I feel like for both rest and my something, I’ve started doing them as part of the program, and then a week or two into doing them, something “clicks” where I give myself space for feelings that come up around doing them, maybe feelings I hadn’t recognized before. It’s nice to have both the supporting structure and the time (a full month for each) to do that in a safe way. I’m looking forward to the rest of the program as well...

I feel like soooo many people would become more powerful through 4H, just by virtue of existing in a world where certain appearances and movements are “better.” I’ve been able to recognize ways that those beliefs have shaped me, and I’ve grown stronger in a way that I want and love with the structure and support of the program 🩶"

You already have everything you need, right now.

Nothing is lacking. 

You don’t need another thing to work on, fix, or figure out in order to be enough. Your health doesn’t have to be an endless chase for more, more, more. 

You are already whole, in this moment. 

Then why join The 4H Method?

It supports you in accessing & using what is already there, & gives you the education, steps, & tools to make it real in your life. 

All so you feel completely at home, safe & secure, in your beautiful body, so you can express your brightest self...  

So you make your health your own hero journey, the story that you write for your highest good, to enjoy the life you REALLY want to the max… 

Using fitness as tools to empower you, not harm you...

Make REAL, sustainable progress in a healthy, enjoyable way.

Get off the merry-go-round of never-enough once & for all.

Stop the battle with your body, food, & exercise.

Tell the monster voices to fuck off, now & forever. 

You are an incredible being in a human body.

There is nothing wrong with you. 

You have nothing to fix, improve, earn, or do to make you any more worthy, desirable, or valuable. 

You are a fiercely powerful human with the ability to create what you want. 

You deserve every good thing, just being, right now.

You GET to have the healthy life you desire & deserve.

You GET to feel good in & about your body.

Want to make this real for YOU –your body, fitness, & health?

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