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About me

Who I am & Why It Matters to You

Who I Am

Hi, friend!

I’m a queer, multi-racial, international cat mom... Lover of nature, movement, ALL the flavors of ice cream, travel, & genuine connection.

I’m also a holistic health & fitness coach, certified personal trainer, & nutritionist.

I have worked with well over 100 clients with varying goals, needs, lifestyles, & challenges, ages 13-80, representing all of the continents (except one... come through, Antarctica!).

Through our work together, I've helped clients... build healthy routines for their lifestyle, look in the mirror & love what they see, go from hating the gym to loving exercise, stop the extreme yo-yo dieting & exercise, & make peace with all foods.

As a coach, I am more interested in teaching you how to trust your own body than in giving you quick fixes that don't last.

All so you can experience true joy, peace, & freedom in your life.


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What I Do

(When you work with me, you'll get high fives from Jayu too...)

I specialize in helping heroes make lasting changes in their health, with a holistic & compassionate approach.

We focus on mindset shifts & small habits around food, exercise, & lifestyle that lead to BIG results.

My clients gain confidence, clarity, & consistency in their fitness so they can go enjoy their lives to the fullest!

Holistic Health

If you want to make real changes, you must take your whole life into account!

Mental, emotional, environmental, & spiritual health all matter to your overall wellbeing, which is why I incorporate all aspects into my coaching.

Because routine, recovery, & relationships all play a huge part in your fitness success, I help my clients build healthy habits in every part of their lives.

True Nutrition

You don't need another meal plan or diet! You need the right education, strategies, & support to know what works for YOU.

I help you create a style of eating that works for your goals based on both science & personal feedback.

I also help you improve your relationship with food & stop the binge/restrict cycle or emotional eating by learning to trust your body.

Effective Exercise

Training is the foundation for a life well-lived.

I help you start with the bare basics of movement & build you up progressively to more advanced yet simple workouts, that you can do anywhere, anytime.

So you gain confidence, strength, stamina, longevity, & mobility, while reducing pain & risk of injury.

Where I Work

I love to work virtually with healthy heroes through my own app & membership site through The 4H Method.

I am able to work with you anywhere around the world, without the constraints of time zones or location!

That means an international community of like-minded people all with one goal: to live happier, healthier lives.

You don't need to drive to any location or even leave your house; you can get complete 360 health & fitness coaching wherever you are!

Currently, I live in Madison, Wisconsin (EAST SIDE!) with my girlfriend Kaylee & the two cute cats you see on this page, Jayu & Nyangi.

I usually end up working in my plant fantasy office or anywhere I can take my macbook air.

Why I Do It

Total disclosure? Neither I nor Nyangi has read the Habits book you see in the background

Can I be really honest with you?

Straight (or queer?) talk, from me & Nyangi (the cute cat you see in the picture).

Your health & fitness are important. Period.

& it's important to me too. I care so much about your wellbeing I have dedicated my career to learning how to help you improve your health & fitness in the most effective & enjoyable ways.

But I really care about way more than that.

Real talk?

I care about your soul, your light.

...about you getting to see, know, & fall in love with your deepest self.

beautiful YOU!

For years, fitness & health were things I used to dim my light, to punish myself, & to beat myself up in shame.

& I do what I do now because I see so many of us use food & exercise as weapons to hurt us.

I want to help you turn them into balms to ENJOY your fullest life.

& EXPRESS your unique self with the world... to shine your brightest light.

Because taking care of your wellbeing actually does that for you!

It's taken decades of experience & expertise to create a safe space for you to do just that:


A Little Bit More about My Story:

How I went from a perfectionist with an eating disorder to a fitness coach

I was always the active tomboy kid who scraped my knees, climbed trees, played basketball with my dad, & tried to beat the other kids at whatever physical game I was in (competitive much?). 

When I hit puberty, my body started to change. I heard & repeated in my mind, like a windup music box, a comment someone made about my body that made me feel ashamed of it.

Then, on my 16th birthday, I got a Superfoods book as a gift (a pretty cool gift, if you ask me).

I became FASCINATED with how different foods could affect our bodies & health, almost like magic.

I started eating (drinking?) tomato smoothies –remember I told you I was kind of weird?– & shifting my diet from ramen & cereal to blueberries & spinach. 

Whatever weight I’d gained from puberty came off pretty quickly. I noticed. Others noticed. It felt good.

I felt like I had control (I've moved around a lot throughout my life, or others moved away, so my world was constantly changing. Control was extremely appealing.). 

My new unconscious goal became to continually exercise that control by losing weight. If a little is good, a lot is great! Right?

I didn’t know then that I was seeking to make myself disappear. I was trying to lose myself, literally, because I subconsciously believed I was wrong, not good enough, flawed. I fell into a full-blown eating disorder that consumed my entire life, mind, & body.

I ate suuuuper ‘healthy’ & took up running & jump rope. I knew how many calories were going in & how many were going out (which is never completely accurate without highly sophisticated machines).

Food & exercise were my religion, & the scale was my god. The number determined my mood, my food for the day, my exercise regimen for the week. 

It was bad, & dark, & miserable… & cold. Like sitting naked in a corner of a concrete room in a Yakutsk winter. 

It culminated into a breaking point in college, when I had to decide between making big, scary changes or leaving school & going into treatment. 

I chose to recover.

Eating disorders are the number one most fatal mental health disorder, with the highest mortality rate of any mental health illness.

Why would you starve yourself to death, willingly? How can you be so wrong about the reflection you see in the mirror? How can you feel so in control when in reality you are so out of control? 

The years following that turning point in my life were filled with binge-restrict cycles, deep despair, utter confusion, trial & error, & tons of lonely self-doubt. 

I know what it’s like to be at war with your body. 

But I survived.

I turned the tools that I once used to destroy my body into tools to survive & thrive.

I got support. I educated myself. I kept trying.

The eating disorder monster still comes around, & it will likely never leave entirely, but I don’t listen to it anymore. 

I am no longer at war with my body. I actually like it. 

I know what to eat for my body, & why, & how much. I am not afraid of food. I can eat a salad & enjoy it, & I can eat pizza & enjoy it.

I know the power of smart training & consistent exercise for my physical & mental health. I love moving & the energy & strength it gives to my body.

Health is not just what you do, but why you do it, & how. 

Health is not the end, but as a means to an end: living a full, happy life. 

Health is being free from your inner critic & external expectations of what you should look like & coming from a place of self-trust & confidence.

Health is freedom to do what you want, with the people you want, when you want. 

I turned the tools I once used to destroy my body into tools to empower me.

Now I thrive (most days, let's be honest).

That is why I care so much about fitness.

That is why I do what I do.

That is why I want to help you live the full life you want, & unleash your full self with the world.

What's the deal with your logo? What's the name of your company?

& other questions you might have about my business...

Fun Facts about Me

Where'd you grow up?

That's a complicated question! I was born in Kansas & moved to 14 different houses by the time I left for college. I spent about half of my childhood in the States, & half in South Korea. Here's me at a beach in Jacksonville, Florida...

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What did you study?

I studied Missions/Linguistics at the Bible college I attended, & loved my Greek & Hebrew classes so much I decided to pursue linguistics. Got a Masters in Field Linguistics in England. I used those as an ESL teacher & an avid language lover, but it has little to do with fitness!

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What's your guilty pleasure?

Watching some shoot-off of 90 Day Fiance while snacking on peanuts & drinking a cheap beer, thank you very much. I'm also a huge sweet tooth & love ice cream, donuts, & a rich cake.

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What do you love the most?

On this earth, there are few creatures or things I love more than my cats, Jayu & Nyangi. Jayu is a Russian Blue who stole our hearts from the moment we met him. He is athletic & loves to go for "walks around the block" (yes, I hold him in my arms). Nyangi is a street cat we rescued. She loves to sleep & eat & occasionally play. Will bury her head in your hand for pets. They light up my heart & I am so grateful for their presence in my life. #shamelesscatmom

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What's something weird about you?

What's not? But really... As a kid, I was super competitive. I would do 200 pushups a day & keep track arm wrestling matches I had with other boys. I'd make sure I had more points than my competitors. Today, I'm not as competitive with others (maaaybe 😉), but I can thank my past self for my arm strength.

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“'If you are coming to help me, you are wasting your time,'” an indigenous saying goes, 'but if you are coming because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.'

-Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money

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