About MLRosko Fitness

Our Beliefs

We are based on radical hope --that we are all completely & inherently worthy, & we have the power to create the lives we desire.

We believe that breakthroughs happen in the micro habits we follow daily.

We believe that fitness without inner freedom, peace, & compassion is not health at all.

Our People

We are for the freedom seekers, the world adventurers, the outsiders.

We are for those who seek to discover & express their true selves through becoming the healthiest versions of themselves.

We are for those who crave relief from strict rules & empty promises.

We are for those who want a different approach to fitness that works for their body, their goals, & their life.

What We Do

We show up for ourselves.

We invest in ourselves.

We prove we matter every day, in the hope we foster & the habits we practice.

We do this for ourselves & our world.

We do this not only to look good but to feel good. We do this against the patriarchy.

We do this because we want real, lasting change.

We do this because we are worthy & we are powerful.

About Michelle

Behind MLRosko is Michelle --a personal trainer, mindset coach, & nutritionist-- but more than that: a woman who’s been on her own journey.

It was her struggles with an eating disorder, her up & down cycles, & feeling out of control that led her to start discovering true health & make a change for herself.

It was also her own transformation that inspired in her an urge to help others too.

"You see, I've experienced my own torrid relationship with my body & health...

As a kid, I always loved being active & playing sports. But as I got older, & my body changed, “we” began to have a strange relationship. Bad, even.

I developed a diagnosed eating disorder as a teenager, & it lasted years. It was my way of coping with feeling out of control, & wanting to be 'perfect.'

It wasn't until I got professional help that things started to look up.

It took a lot of ups & downs, endless confusion, & deep frustration before I finally started to improve.

The biggest step I made was to finally ACCEPT myself, to realize I am worthy --no matter how much I weigh, or how I look, or what the voices in my head say.

I also realized how powerful I am. I can, through the choices I make daily, create the life I want.

Over the years I've completely shifted my mindset around food, exercise, health, & my body.

The tools that I once used to destroy my body have become tools to care for my body.

I have found meaning in movement, nourishment in nutrition, & empowerment through knowledge.

& that's why I do what I do.

I want to empower YOU to find freedom in your health…

to know not just what to do, but why, & how…

so you can be empowered in your body, reach your goals, & really --as cheesy as it sounds-- change your life.

Not just in lovey-dovey platitudes or unrealistic ideas, but in daily actions, based on scientific evidence & years of proof."

My Story


International Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Nutritionist

Certified Online Trainer

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